Leadership Seminars and Strategic Planning

- A systematic approach to finding what the church does well & what needs improvement

- This begins with getting an idea of the personality and history of the church and the people involved in the congregation

- From there, we move on to determining the positives and the areas for improvement

- Once areas for improvement are identified, we determine a generalized plan of action

- The action plan will include the who, what, why, and when – then we will empower a team of people to figure out how best to achieve the results

- Besides establishing goals for the coming year, this should also help the preaching minister develop a preaching plan for the year

- This approach requires meetings on Friday night (approximately 6-9 p.m.), all day Saturday, and for a few hours on Sunday afternoon

- Cost for this event is an offering - no church (or budget) is too small for this ministry! (Please keep in mind travel expenses!)

- I am available to preach on the Sunday morning of that weekend, if the church would like me to

- This is a very common sense approach – everyone who has gone through it has been pleased with how we arrive at the answers to how the church is doing and what the leaders should do next
- This is an basic overview - contact Dan for more info!


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