Revival Preaching


- Normally, four-day revivals taking place on Sunday morning and evening, and continuing each evening through Wednesday (there is some flexibility in this – I am willing to start on Wednesday night and go through Sunday morning, if that is preferred)

- Most revivals will center on encouraging, energizing, and motivating the church to accomplish her mission in the community

- When asking me to preach a revival, please let me know of any theme you are emphasizing or let me know any information that might help me in choosing a series of messages – this should be done enough in advance to allow time to develop the messages properly

- There is some preparation work to be done by the church prior to the revival

- The church needs to do some publicizing, to make sure all members of the body are aware of the event, and should also send information to other churches in the area

- Prayer times are extremely important to this process – the leaders need to pray about it, the pastoral prayer in your Sunday services should focus on the revival for a few weeks, and in the week or so leading up to the revival, there should be prayer walks around the building and at least one time of intense prayer for the whole congregation outside Sunday morning services

- Cost: The church just needs take up an offering each evening, …no church (or budget) is too small for this service – there is no set fee! The church should be prepared to assist with transportation and lodging.
- Availability: I am able to do a limited number of revivals - email me to check availability.


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